My name is Ryan McKenna and I'm a developer/designer living in Denver, CO.

I chose to learn how to code so that I could realize my own dreams and aspirations in a medium that I grew up on. Over time I realized that all I wanted to do was create new and amazing applications with great people and a little experimentation.

I've learned over time that it's easier to define myself by what I don't do, rather than what I do. That being said, here's what I don't do.

  1. I don't drink soda.
  2. I won't leave an amusement park without riding all of the coasters.
  3. Tea over coffee everytime.Don't hurt me.
  4. Being isolated is not a way I'd like to live.
  5. I can't bring myself to like bumper stickers. It's just not going to happen.
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Ebby is a food delivery service that connects online orders to drivers automatically for a quick and efficient service. Ebby is currently based in Oslo, Norway and employs tons of drivers and is a providing a quality service to the community.

Coffeescript, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Ionic, SASS

Fast Track Marketing is full stack marketing firm. We build websites, manage marketing campaigns, handle SEO optimization & provide our clients a stable and competitve repertoire of quality service

Wordpress, SASS, PHP, Coffeescript, Twig

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Some other neat projects I've worked on