The Global Stats Project

Do we actually play and finish the games we buy?

After the average gamer buys or activates a game on Steam they...*

*Averages based on the global achievement stats of 80 STEAM PC-games of various genres, budgets, publishers and release dates (2007-2014).

Bioshock Infinite has a participation rate of: 89.5%

The story has also been completed by: 52.6%

However, only 1.6% tried Hardcore 1999 mode.

Black Ops VS. Modern Warfare

MW2 (2009)
Black Ops (2010)
MW3 (2011)
Black Ops 2 (2012)
Ghosts (2013)

The original Modern Warfare series seem to be a lot more popular among PC-gamers than its rival Black Ops. A quarter of Black Ops owners left it unplayed. Black Ops 2 had a great discount last Winter Sale, which explains the extra dip. Despite popular opinion, there is no indication Call of Duty is a "multiplayer only" series. Single-player achievement rate is significantly higher than any multiplayer rewards.

Even though Black Ops 2 sold the least:

Despite being the most played of the Total War series with a participation rate of 88.7%, Napoleon: Total War is also the least finished.

Even though only 32.2% of Skyrim players have finished the main story, it's been in the Steam most played games list for over two years.

Currently there are over 20,000 mods for Skyrim on the Steam Workshop. That's more than 6 times the amount of Steam Games available! That's probably contributing to it's overwhelming participation rate.

Dead Island is alarmingly unplayed.

Dead Island (2011) has been left unplayed by 44.1% of it's owners.

Dead Island: Riptide (2013) fell even further with 51.8% leaving it untouched.

Publisher Deep Silver has pushed Dead Island hard during Steam Sales. Everyone bought it for a few bucks, but hardly anyone is playing it yet. Riptide remains shelved even more than zombie rival Left 4 Dead 2, which was free during Christmas 2013 and remains unplayed by 45.8% of its owners.

Owners who reached the end of the latest Square Enix Games

Despite 2012 Hitman director Tore Blystad revealing that 'according to internal data, only 20% of their consumers would see the final level', it looks like more people saw it than expected.

Bound to Rogue-like

22.9% of players finished
Binding of Isaac twice.

9.9% of all
Rogue Legacy players
finished it twice.

16.1% of players finished
Binding of Isaac nine times.

End of the Line

% Bad Ending % Good Ending

Only 4.9% of Fallout: New Vegas players finished on Hardcore mode.
It requires players to eat, drink & sleep daily.

Almost perfect Deadpool

Deadpool could become the most perfect, 100% finished game on Steam. Activision lost the rights to the character, so the game can't be sold anymore. 54.3% of all the owners are already finished with the game!

Read more about why Activision pulled the game here.

Woah, Woah! Spoiler Alert!

61.7% of all Walking Dead: Season one owners...

72.1% of all Jurassic Park: The Game owners...

22.5% of all Walking Dead: Season Two Ep. 1 owners...

22.8% of all The Wolf Among Us owners...

Still have yet to see the end of their games!

Champions League

Football Manager


Taking the Easy Road
Owners completed Fall of Cybertron on..

Games are generally played on Normal. Some games had a noticeable bump in Easy players, such as Bioshock Infinite. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron actually attracted so many casual fans, Easy finishers beat Normal and Hard!


Gunpoint has multiple ways to finish the final boss. Most people chose to..
Punch him in the face - 29.3%

The least used option was to...
Slam the door in his face - 3.4%

Some of those... stranger statistics..

3.4% of the owners of HL: Episode 2 saved Gnome Chompski

7.5% of the owners of Left 4 Dead 2 saved Gnome Chompski

0.6% of the owners of Aliens: Colonial Marines completed all challenges

0.4% of the owners of Duke Nukem Forever bought the DLC and finished it on Insane.

0.8% of the owners of Walking Dead: Survival Instinct players traveled with every survivor

So.. Do Steam Sales Work?

Top 10 games with the lowest percentage of played copies (from our test)
Top 10 games with the highest percentage of played copies (from our test)

It seems like it! Most of the highly unplayed games in our test had been sold for dumping prices. Often during Steam Holiday Sale 2013, and some other sales as well. The more active games seem to be the ones that are considered 'must play' titles. These games motivate their consumers to play so well that Steam Sales only temporarily inflate their unplayed copy percentage.

Happy Gaming Everyone!